Yogi Babu’s Mandela Movie Shortlisted For The Oscars Representing India!

Maybe A Win Soon!

14 Indian films have made their way into the Academy award nominations this year. Movies like Nayattu, Mandela and Sherni amongst others have been shortlisted. Acclaimed filmmaker Shaji N Karun is the chairman of the jury that will be selecting the film that will be nominated from India for the Best International Feature Film category. 

The 94th Academy Awards will be held in March 2022 in the US. The process to select which film would represent India at the Oscars is happening at Bijoli cinema in Bhowanipore, Kolkata. A panel of 15 judges is going to watch 14 films over the next few days to shortlist India’s official entry to the Oscars 2022.

As of now, Martin Prakkat’s Nayattu has been nominated from the Mollywood industry. The film stars Joju Geroge, Nimisha sajayan and Kunchako Boban in lead roles. They play the characters of police officers who are on the run after a crime is committed. 

Mandela, starring Yogi Babu, is a Tamil satirical take on caste and class. In a small village, two political parties compete in the local elections and are ready to win at any cost. In a twist of fate, the single deciding vote comes down to a small-time barber. The movie was celebrated for voicing out against social issues in a sarcastic and satirical manner. The movie is written and directed by Madonne Ashwin. 

Sardar Udham, one of the newest films in the block, is directed by Shoojit Sarcar. The film tells the story of Sardar Udham Singh who shot a British officer in retaliation for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919. The film has been receiving great reviews ever since its recent release on Amazon Prime Video. 

Another entry was Vidya Balan’s Sherni, directed by Amit V Masurkar. The movie is about a forest officer who is tasked with capturing and containing a man-eating tigress in a remote village. However, she faces hostility from various sides as she tries to do her job. Vidya Balan received a lot of appreciation for her performance in the movie. 

Reports say that 14 films have reached the jury which contains 15 members. The movie selected from the shortlist will be sent as India’s entry for the Academy Awards which will be held in March 2022. However, the film should still find a place among the nominations to qualify for the competition. The rest of the movies that have been shortlisted have still not been announced. 

The last time India won in the Academy Awards was in 2013, in the Best Documentary Feature Category, for the movie ‘Amy’. The movie, directed by Asif Kapadia, covers  British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse’s life and her struggle with substance abuse, both before and after her career blossomed, and which eventually caused her death.


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