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World Mental Health Day: 5 Simple Tips to Help Manage Anxiety, Depression During Pandemic!

Emotional Wellness is of Key importance and priority at times like these!

A draining feeling, anxiety,stress and depression, are easy to grip you in a situation like today. The world is running a rat race and at a time when everything comes to a standstill, your mind tends to wander. Everyone wants you to look at the larger picture, spending time at home, with family, getting some rest, getting back to your hobbies, catching up on sleep etc etc. But not many understand the emotional well-being in all this. Parents, kids, family, food- they definitely bring happiness to your life but is that enough for your emotional well-being?

Lockdown or quarantine, working from office or taking a vacation, at the end of the day what matters is your peace of mind.Maybe looking at a flower bloom in your garden, or nailing your mother’s chicken recipe, anything could spark joy. Talking to an industry professional, Mr Raj Narayan, who is a Neuro Linguistic programming master practitioner,  we delve into the concept of emotional well being  and how one can take steps to attaining it.

Be Aware of emotions

Most of us act before we think, which not only does damage to your relationships but also to your mental well being. To achieve a sense of equilibrium, one must be aware of what they are feeling. We tend to confuse anger with fear, anger with an unfulfilled need, anger with most of what’s going on in our minds. So, the first step if to take a step back. Analyse your emotions. Think about what’s reality and what’s just a figment of your imagination. This helps you to understand your own emotions and take charge. In situations where you are confused, take a pause and ask yourself, “ What do I really want ? “ . It’s sounds simple and is even simpler when practiced.

Stages In life

Emotional well being differs throughout life. In fact, it’s different for each individual. Our goals are different, our upbringings, our struggles , our ideas about successes and failures. Basically, our wiring is different. So, what one must do to channel the right energy to attain a sense of emotional calm and composure is cliché but true, follow your heart. When you see a child, they are unaware of any responsibilities or repercussions, they blindly follow the voice that’s inside them. And that’s why they sleep so peacefully at night. They have fulfilled their wishes, not bothered about what anyone thinks and have decided to make that one person happiest, that is themselves. In return, they bring joy to an entire home. Children teach you the best ways to live life, take pointers from those little geniuses.


‘ Choose a job you love, and you will not have to work a day in your life ‘

The moment you change all your “Have -To’s” to “ Want To” , all the pressure goes away. What most professionals struggle with today is attaining a work life balance. Too much stress of work is bound to affect your personal life and your emotional and physical well being. But if those 8 hours in a day, you spend in your happy space, doing the work you are passionate about, the stress also does away. What happens Is a chain reaction, you work happy, you come home happy, you make your home happy.

Mind and Body

In the current pandemic,you find a number of reactions around you.  The data says that less than 3% of infected people succumb to it and yet we somehow don’t take into account the 97% who recover and lead healthy lives. Focus on the positive, adhere to all norms, social distancing, wearing a mask, avoiding unnecessary travels will make the anxiety disappear. This helps the body focus on fighting any virus that may attack its immunity system. Make your body stronger by training your mind.




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