Women Who Became Mothers The ‘Unconventional’ Way

Three Cheers for Motherhood!


Motherhood is a journey, and there is no one way to embark upon it. Some might do it the traditional way, some might find ‘unconventional’ ways to bring a child into this world. It’s a responsibility that one takes on for the rest of their lives. On this Mother’s Day, we have a look at women who decided to embrace motherhood in their special way. 


Uyir and Ulagam, Nayanthara’s twin boys were brought into this world via surrogacy. Nayan and Vignesh Sivan tied the knot in June last year and welcomed their babies in October. While silly controversies surrounded their good news, they didn’t let it affect their bounty of happiness. It’s the abundance of love these little beings bring that eclipses all the bad. 

Priyanka Chopra

Straddling between Hollywood and Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra has certainly defied the norms. She took a massive leap and landed up in Hollywood. Whether it is launching her global hair care line or walking the red carpet, she perfects her every move. When she wanted to have a child, she decided to go with a surrogate. Not letting anyone influence our judge her calls sets a great example for her daughter, Malti    


Sushmita Sen

Her first daughter Renee was adopted when she was 24 years old. The battle was long and hard but that didn’t deter her from going all in. Years later, when she wanted to adopt a second daughter, Alisah, things were harder. She is a single mother to two stunning daughters, she is an inspiration to the whole world. 



She prefers to keep her daughter away from the limelight and rightly so. Shobana is a protective mother who wants the best for her daughter, wants her to have a normal life away from cameras and gossip columns. The talented actress doesn’t reveal much about her daughter, Ananthanarayani, but we did get a glimpse of the mother-daughter dance lessons.

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone and her husband, Daniel Weber adopted Nisha in 2017 and had twin boys Noah and Asher in 2018 via surrogacy.The baby girl was 21 months when they adopted her from Latur in Maharashtra. Sunny had always wanted to be a mom, when she decided the time was right for them, she explored both surrogacy and adoption. Luck was on their side, both came through and now they are a happy family of 5. 

Radhika Sarathkumar

When Radhika married Sarathkumar, he had 2 daughters from a previous marriage and she had Rayaan. When the families blended, her responsibilities changed and her equations had to be redefined. Years later, the mother and daughters have a bond like no other. They have become pals, buddies and confidantes, they take trips together, discuss movies and are there for each other whether it is a happy or a sad occasion. 

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