Wife Ranjani’s Reaction To Actor Karthi’s Romantic Scenes In Movies Is Priceless!

Her reaction is just so cute!

Karthi has reached a different level in the film industry after his choice of directors and scripts including ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’. His last success was Kaidhi directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj has received a lot of appreciation and love. Talking about his movies and his love for enacting a real-life story, Karthi says this was one of a kind experience for him. In an interview with Indiaglitz, Karthi said that Theeran Adigaram Ondru was a complete out-and-out cop film and it, in fact, is the reason why that particular movie holds more substance and value.

On asking about his romantic scenes in the film, Karthi hilariously said, “Romance is absolutely necessary no matter what (laughs). What’s a movie or even life without romance?” He further added that romance in films makes his wife uncomfortable and unhappy: “She asks me every time why I cannot perform a romantic scene without touching the actress like the olden day films (laughs)? But, how do I explain to her that these are two different generations? But, I will completely agree with her concern. If I were in her place, I would react the same way too. The rules aren’t different because we are different genders.”

And the solution to that? “Well, I just ask her to close her eyes or not watch the film at all (laughs).”

Concluding about the issue, Karthi said, “A lot of these romantic scenes from the film were close to me because I have the same love and chemistry with my wife. My love for my wife only increased post-wedding and it only increases every day.”


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