Why Was It Such A Big Deal: Samyuktha ANSWERS To Criticisms For Her ‘Valarppu Seriyilla’ Comment!

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The fourth season of Bigg Boss is running at a full pace. The audience have their favourites and so do the contestants themselves. But some of these contestants are being evicted too and these ones are receiving a very warm welcome home. The latest is Samyuktha. However, the happiest upon her arrival was her family and the celebrations went viral.

In one of her first interviews after eviction, Samyuktha talks about her life in the reality show and post that. “I have been in the Chennai modelling scene for a while, but I haven’t done anything in the mainstream media. What better platform than ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’? It was a great opportunity for me and this is a choice I made for my career. I am happy to be back and reunited with my son Rayan, who is way too excited to have me home,” stated Samyuktha in her interview with TOI.

Talking about all the negative comments and memes she was exposed to, Samyuktha stated, “I did see some of the criticisms. I chose to ignore the negativity and not respond to it. Each one’s perception is different and they are entitled to their opinion. But I did feel bad about comments that were too extreme. The harshness of the language was bad. But haters are going to hate. I choose positivity and I am basking in all the love and positive comments. In fact, I am so overwhelmed with all the love.”

Her comment Valarppu Seriyilla (upbringing isn’t right) became one of her controversial statements in the show. Talking about that, Samyuktha said, “I don’t understand why it became such a big deal. Maybe, it is something that was lost in translation. I got yelled at with no provocation and I didn’t scream back. But I was irritated about it at that point. That remark was not intended to be a comment on someone’s upbringing and I feel this was unnecessarily held on to. What actually happened didn’t get highlighted as much as my reaction to it. That episode was very offensive and it hurt me a lot.”

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