When Your Friend Can’t Navigate; 4 Types Of Human Navigators Fail!

Which type are you?

We tend to rely on GPS technology a little too much, particularly while driving through an unfamiliar area. So we thank the invention. But there is always that one person who just can’t tell directions properly.  A human navigator that is sitting next to the driver seat driving him/her insane. I know it’s just looking at the phone and telling two words – Right or Left? It sounds simple enough but it can get exhausting. Relate to it? Then you might be one of them. Read to find out what type of navigator you are.

Hand navigator: Do you find yourself stretching your hands every time there’s a turn. Your friend has to push your hand down to see where they are heading. Then you are the “hand navigator”. First thing, they have to look at the road and not you. Second, please do not block the driver’s view!

The turn misser: “The left that just passed :)”. Oh, you turn misser! You might be quite a calm and composed person, but don’t be too relaxed while someone is counting o you for directions.

DayDreamer: Similar to the previous one. The one who is too engrossed into music picturing the perfect proposal scenarios or is off to an adventure in their mind… yes you! Zone out and tell left or right!

Panicker: OMG!! Left, Left, Left…. oh god careful. Slowww, Fasttt….. bike bike bike. If you are the one sitting in the front seat screaming these words then you are the panicker. You don’t drive for this very reason, and you are also bad at telling directions. Your little panic attacks during navigations are irritating and scary, to say the least.

Here is a fun video of what happens when 2 friends set on a road trip and they find it hard to navigate using the google maps on their phone. Tag a person you can relate to the video with! Let us know in the comments and also send this video to that friend who has trouble navigating. Tag them in this video mention their names because we want to know.


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