5 Reasons Why Each And Every One Of You Must Vote!

Go vote now!

Voting is one of the most powerful weapons a common man holds. Do not let go off something so powerful for something a reason as baseless as being lazy or not finding any candidate worthy. Here’s why each and every one of you must vote no matter what:

Your vote matters In Urban areas, people sometimes consider voting-optional, and they think that one vote wouldn’t matter. That however is not the case. The opinions of the young women in this country play a very crucial role in the country’s future.

Voting is your responsibility – Casting your vote is your responsibility towards the Country. It is important to be responsible, if this is taken lightly, it may jeopardize the existence of our democratic republic

You have the power to cause a change The future of this country is in your hands. If you wish to see a change in the functioning of our country’s government, then the ability to cause that change and truly make a difference is in your hands.

Every single vote makes a difference If a country is so populas, it can be a little hard to believe that every single vote counts but a single vote can make all the difference. Your vote can cause change and ensure that the right political party gets elected.

Exercising your fundamental Right  Voting in India is a constitutional right for a citizen if she is above the age of 18. You can ensure that the right political party gets elected by exercising your adult franchise.

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