What if Jaanu had married Ram?

Fantasy unites the iconic couple

Tamil cinema is known for its innocent and epic love stories and we have celebrated every take on romance by our filmmakers. One such beautiful love story was from the movie 96. How the tale would have twisted if things went as we expected for our iconic love couple Ram and Jaanu? Would their narrative still have been celebrated?

Being used to the happily ever after since our childhood and idolizing iconic romances and fantasizing about our very own fairytales, it is inevitable that we expect the same when we watch movies – especially romantic movies. That desire spiked when we saw  96. We were on the edge of our seats when Jaanu peeked outside from her college window to look who exactly called for her but we were heartbroken when she looked at the other guy and not Ram. To be honest, the girl to whom Ram would enquire about Jaanu and ask to bring her down was the most hated character than any other villain. She indeed was a villain for their love.

How about looking at the flip of the coin? What if the girl had remembered Ram’s name and Jaanu had run to her Ram and they both kick-started their love story? What if they had married and Jaanu had never gone abroad? What if Jaanu had pursued her passion just like Ram? What if Ram had decided to stop Jaanu’s marriage?


What if the story went like this…..

Instead of Jaanu sitting helpless when Ram left the school, she decides to somehow track him and they never lost in touch. They realized their love for one another during their separation and understood they cannot live without each other and were soulmates. Ram being the constant cheerleader and admirer of Jaanu’s singing, compels her to take up classical training and education in the Music Academy. Meanwhile, Ram decides to take up Arts and finds out what he wants along the way. Jaanu also moves to Madras for her highers and the two would catch up almost every day after their college. The two would have the time of their life, catching up, hanging out. During his course, Ram realized his passion for photography and decided to take up a course under a big-time National award-winning Photographer. On the sidelines, Jaanu too was getting big in her singing training and was introduced to pretty great singing offers but nothing on the lead.


The two continuously kept supporting each other, their struggles, celebrated their wins, mourned their loss, they surpassed it all as a team. Then things started escalating as they wanted. Ram got a big-time offer to assist his mentor on an International forest tour to cover the world’s endangered species and Jaanu got an offer to sing as a lead. Nothing could be more right than this, but with Ram leaving during her biggest break and Jaanu soaked up in practices amongst his departure, they realized they had to sacrifice a bit to go big in their career for a better future tomorrow.

So, they decided to pursue their dreams without having to give up on their love. It was hard but they did make it out of the long-distance in a year. Once Ram was back, Jaanu had grown big in her career. She even had sung many hits with her ever favorite Janaki amma. They wanted to make things official; they decided to tie the knot. Almost a decade of love and the celebrations to felicitate that, they went big. They had their dream destination wedding with the people they love.

And they lived Happily ever after.

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