Well Done: Actress Parvathy Trashes Arjun Reddy In Front Of Vijay Deverakonda For All The Right Reasons!

Bravo, Parvathy!

If we haven’t emphasized enough, the story of Arjun Reddy is about a flawed man but the way he was glorified only goes to show that a toxic relationship ALWAYS ends well. Portraying physical and verbal abuse as a normal occurrence in a healthy relationship has been glorified in the film. A woman’s consent to such ruthless behaviour is glorified in the film. Overall, this film was an honest ode to misogyny. Movies like Chak De India, Uyarey and Paruiyerum Permal deserve more remakes than this film with a low-life storyline patronizing misogyny.

Rightfully pointing that out, Malayalam actress and social speaker TK Parvathy during a round table conference along with other huge stars including Vijay Deverakonda slammed the film Arjun Reddy for glorifying a character like that. During the meet with Anupama Chopra, the actress stated, “It is a very fine line reflecting what’s there in the society, showing what misogyny is, and glorifying it. It’s entirely up to the writer and director how they glorify it. When a man is being misogynistic and is being…you know…abusive, and you show that in a way that incites applause in the audience, then that’s glorification. And at the same time, you make the audience think whether he’s done the right thing or not, then there you are collaborating with the audience. There, there is a cinema, it’s a dialogue.”

Her statement for speaking her mind has won her the love of Twitter. Many came forward to laud her sensibility. That is when actor Manoj Bajpayee talked about how he would not ponder too much about the characters given to him. While on the other hand, Alia stated that she would love sporting the role of a villain someday knowing the fact that it is only a character that she would be playing and that obviously does not affect her personal life.

Taking these points into consideration, Parvathy cited the example of Arjun Reddy stating how the misogyny and abuse were glorified so much so that the audience were resonating with that. Yes, that right there is the issue. However, Vijay Deverakonda’s incoherent response to Parvathy’s statement had actors Deepika Padukone and Ayushmann Khurana by surprise. The actor stated that the world is messed up that way and everyone’s not perfect. And that, couples always enjoy “little hits as long as they understand their love”(Okay, that’s physical abuse but whatever). Only these couples would understand what Arjun Reddy is, he added. He further added that it’s just a film and the world cannot be changed by a film like Arjun Reddy saying neither can good films make the world a better place he stated saying, “It’s your family, parenting, schooling, it’s multiple things that lead a person to behave in a certain way.”

Honestly, we beg to differ, because, as Parvathy pointed out, people ‘s comments on social media with regards to the film as such is glorifying the protagonist and it is disappointing.



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