Wedding Photos of Kerala Lesbian Couple Go Viral! Read the full story!


Adhila Nasarin and Fathima Noora were separated by their parents because they were in love with each other. They were then reunited by the Kerala High Court back in June. Adhila filed a Habeas Corpus as Fathima was allegedly abducted by her own family. After the filing of the petition, she appeared before the court, which permitted them to live together after knowing their respective will. Back then, the news spread across social media and many congratulated the couple for their win. Now, the couple has gone viral on social media, yet again. This time, we see them happily married in their gorgeous bridal attires.

The couple has not tied the knot yet but has done a bridal photo shoot. “We just tried the photoshoot because we thought the idea was interesting,” Adhila told a media house. They are apparently planning to get married sometime in the future. Same-sex marriage is still not legal in India, even though Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court are considering petitions in this regard. Needless to say, the couple attracted a mixed response from the netizens when they posted their wedding pictures online.  Decked in silver jewellery and dressed in embellished brown and deep blue lehengas (long skirts), they beamed as they exchanged rings and rose garlands under a canopy by the seaside in Ernakulam district.


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Adhila and Fathima have known each other since their schooling in Saudi Arabia and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. However, their parents did not welcome this decision, and they decided to separate them both. Media houses and netizens widely celebrated the high court’s decision, and it was seen as yet another victory for the LGBTQ+ community’s longtime fight for recognition. The Instagram post received a whopping amount of 88K likes and several comments in support of, and against their union.


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“If we fill out any form, they ask for a wife, husband or father’s name,” Ms Nasarin explains. “At my workplace and elsewhere, I still have to use my father’s name. We were at a hospital recently and had to give our fathers’ names. It was frustrating,” Adhila shared while talking to a Media house.


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