He also says that the team should also be cooking in other states. The team tells him that they have cooked in other states like Karnataka but dream of cooking abroad. Rahul Gandhi then tells them that he can arrange for them to cook at the US through a friend.  The team then shares that they still can’t believe that Rahul Gandhi is with them and tells him that they want to organise a feast for their subscribers some day. “When you organise, I will come,” Rahul Gandhi says.

The Cooked mushroom biriyani is then served to him on a banana leaf, which he tastes and says ‘nalla iruku’ (It’s good) in Tamil. While leaving, he adds that he is happy to have been able to try their food. “It is excellent. Next time when I am coming, you have to make me try the termite (dish),” he adds. He also assures the team that he will put them in touch with his friend in the US.