WATCH: Prasanna And Sneha Host A Wonderful Birthday Party For Their Daughter Aadhyantha!

An adorable family!

Power couple Sneha and Prasanna take time out of their busy schedule to make time for their little munchkin Vihan’s birthday party every year. From Bike-themed to Marvel-themed, they have done it all. This year, with the latest addition of another tiny family member Aadhyantha, the four hosted a wonderful birthday party yet again but this is the first birthday of Aadhyantha. While Sneha looked gorgeous as always, Prasanna looked simply dapper and top-notch handsome. Watch the video from the party:





Sneha and Prasanna had been in a relationship for a long time and got married a few years ago. Prasanna attended all the modeling shows and movies that Sneha featured in. The couple has acted together in the film Achchamundu Achchamundu. They got married in 2012. They have a son Vihan who was born in the year 2015 and daughter Adhyantha who was born last year.

Although they haven’t been seen in many films together, the couple has always been adored for their real life PDA and their cutesy advertisements. There is a separate fanbase for this couple and their family.

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