WATCH: Once body-shamed and trolled for being chosen a hero, Dhanush is now the superstar everyone loves!

“I used to cry, Didn’t know how to handle it.”

The grand 67th National Film Awards took place yesterday and Dhanush bagged the Best Actor Award for Asuran. This is the actor’s second national award. A number of people took to social media to congratulate and celebrate the hero. “A man in 30’s played 50’s with no prosthetic make up and left us speechless at the end of the film .Ofcos he deserves this award . Sir every single time u up ur game n put urself up there n make us ur fans proud .. ur truly a BEST ACTOR @dhanushkraja SIR #NationalFilmAwards” wrote Anchor and actor DD

At such great times the actor is being celebrated but it was not always this way for Dhanush. In an industry that is know to body shame actresses was not easy even on actors. Dhanush’s story is one such. The actor was body shamed and humiliated for how he looked in the beginning of his career. A throwback video interview where Dhanush talks openly about how he had cried for being made fun of is now trending again. This highlights the fact that how someone looks does not determine their talent and success they can reach. Here’s what happened as narrated by the actor in a video interview;

“This incident happened in the sets of Kadhal Kondein. I was sitting all ready for my shot in my Vinodh get up when one of them from the sets came and asked me who the hero for the film was. I was hurt by that question itself, plus I was sick of being trolled in film sets, so to avoid more humiliation I pointed to the second hero of the film and said that he is the hero.

The man then walked up to him shook his hands, took pictures with him. At the same time another guy asked the assistant director of the film who the hero was and he pointed to me. Then both the guys from the set got into a discussion on who the hero was. Everyone in the group agreed that I can’t be the hero by the looks of it

Later when they found out that I was the hero they laughed. A group of people pointed at me and laughed. I still remember they were talking in Telugu, they said “This auto driver looking fellow is the hero” “This rickshaw fellow is the new hero.” I ran into my car, sat there and cried. I didn’t know how to handle trolls, I was a small boy maybe seventeen, eighteen years old. I was so angry with my dad who forced me into acting. I have always in my life got teased at for the way i look. But I learnt something from that incident, through the insult. Why can’t auto drivers, rickshaw men be heroes? Any guy who is really good in what he does, who is talented and best in his field is hero! His physical appearance  does not count!



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