WATCH NOW: An Adorable Father-Daughter Moment From Neeya Naana Goes Viral On Social Media!


Neeya Naana is Vijay TV’s original show that has been running for years now. Gopinath, the anchor, is mostly known as Neeya Naana Gopinath, because of this show and his legacy as its anchor. This week, the topic of the show was “Wives who earn more than their Husbands.” The speakers debated about their husbands earning lesser than them and the advantages or disadvantages of the same. Out of this, one woman spoke about her Husband who stared at their daughter’s reports card for hours together before signing it. She also shared that her Husband would also be upset if she signed it instead of him.

When Gopinath asked the man why he did so, he said that he always scored 10s and 20s in his school days. He was so proud to see his daughter score 75s and 80s and therefore looked at the report card for hours together. For this, the wife replied by saying that her husband was still stuck in the 90s. She also mocked him for not knowing how to read fluently and that he read the ABCs slowly. The statement made by that woman was quite offensive. Gopinath immediately cheered the Man by giving him the “Best Father” award at the show. He even made the little girl present the gift to her father after which she gushed that her father does everything for her and she appreciates all his efforts much to the chagrin of her mother. This video is nowgoing viral on social media as people are making memes and sharing that it was wholesome to watch on screen.


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Referring to this episode Priya Bhavani Shankar wrote on Twitter “It’s a kind of mental illness to look down on someone and think it’s a joke. I am satisfied with your vision and speech, Gopi bro. There are thousands of theories for success. But a father can not be defeated! Congratulations on giving him the deserved recognition! @Gobinath_C.

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