VJ Anjana Had The Most Apt Response To A Fan Who Asked Her An Inappropriate Question!

You go, girl!

Anjana Rangan or VJ Anjana is an audience favourite, popular VJ and has been a favourite on social media as well. She has been very interactive with her fans and followers and is seen conducting question and answer sessions or live videos to stay in touch always. During one such session, a follower, who has no idea what privacy and intrusion means, asked a rather unnecessary, inappropriate and a private question.

“What’s your boob’s size?” asked the fan. But, Anjana wasn’t the one to ignore such questions and answer just the good ones. Putting an end to such explicit questions, Anjana replied, “A lot bigger than your peanut-sized brains.”



Anjana is not the first female celebrity to be asked such inappropriate questions. We get to see multiple stars mainly actresses being asked uncomfortable questions while conducting a live chat with fans. Fans tend to take celebrities for granted. They were a public figure, they are taken for a toss and are made a joke of. Sometimes intrusion goes so far, that it turns out to be verbal, sexual harassment. Cyber harassment is a crime and with the massive growth of the cyber world, rules, punishments, and complaints need to be taken more seriously.

Many women celebrities are being subjected to online trolling and harassment. While most like Chinmayi and Parvathy have voiced out their opinions some choose to ignore making it harder for them to move ahead.

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