Viral Warriors: 6 People Share Their Experience Of Fighting The COVID Second Wave!

While there has been much focus on the most recent Indian variant of Covid-19 it is now obvious that the country is gripped by the second wave. We talk to five people who were affected by the COVID virus in recent times amid panic and news of hospitals being full. How they coped, what they experienced and even their symptoms are so different from each other. These stories will help you stay aware, be prepared and more informed in dealing with the crisis.

Anaonymous, IT Professional

I was shocked when I tested positive. I’ve always ensured that I double mask myself whenever I step out and empty a 50 ml sanitizer bottle even if it is a small visit. I’m thirty and healthy with no prior medical conditions. Just another day, I was doing my office work all of sudden I felt uncomfortable and numb. As usual I went to bed at 11 and within an hour, I had severe fever my temperature was about 102 F and I couldn’t move my body that night. The next morning, I approached nearby government camp for medical help and they prescribed me medicines for the following day. I was asked to get tested if the fever pertained.

On April 21st 2021, I took a swab test and even before the result I isolated myself. It was long day, I could feel the stress getting on to me. I got my result the next day and it was positive. The first hour was so hard and panicking, I received calls from three set of people. The first call was from the hospital enquiring about my body conditions and current state, the second was from the municipality regarding the Covid notice which was stuck in my wall later and the third was from heath care and volunteers, they inspected my home and gave me a demographic form, I was asked to go to the allotted hospital. A CT scan and blood test were done, my oxygen saturation levels and medical history were checked. Examining all these, I was offered a certificate stating that I was eligible for home quarantine. A diet chart, set of tablets for fifteen days was also offered.

On the other hand, I was pale and sick, my body temperature was alarming and I lost my sense of taste and smell. I lived my darkest hours in the first three days, my bones were aching and my anxiety pulled me down. The fourth day, I felt motivated and my fever levels dropped to an extent. By the end of seventh day I got back my sense of taste and smell. Eleventh day, I was totally fine and felt recovered, in fact I started working.

But keeping to the government norms I am quarantining myself for fourteen days. Today is my last day! Recovering from Covid 19 wasn’t a cake walk as it required a lot of patience and determination. Stay safe and don’t panic, this too shall pass.


Amritha mandarin, Architect/Actor 

On 17th this month (it was a Saturday) I had a weird feeling. I felt fatigue and was starting to develop slight body pain, especially lower back pain. And my body temperature raised to 101-102. The fever would not just go away even after taking tablets. This continued for two days. But I had no other symptoms.

I had my appetite, smell and taste was fine, no cough , had absolutely nothing .  On Wednesday again I developed a very mild fever, I decided to get myself tested on that day. And my result was Covid positive. But to be honest I was already starting to feel better. After the first two nights I had no symptoms, intact I was energetic. I didn’t had to take any medicines after 3 days. By day 8 I was totally normal and had no sign of covid .

Through out I had my family and friends freaking out. But it didn’t scare or bother me. I’ remained optimistic and strong and coped pretty well. Sad part was I had so much energy from day 4 but I was isolated in my room. So had no other go than to explore hidden talents in drawing , singing etc


Samyutha, Student 


With everything coming back to normal in late March, it didn’t seem very dangerous to step outside for a 19 year old masked girl. Taking all sorts of precautions and following safety protocols, I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams to contract the virus. The fact that I had absolutely no symptoms made it even more unbelievable that I had tested positive. Due to a case in the neighborhood, the officials initiated tests in the locality after which I knew that I was positive. My family tried getting a bed in a private hospital but due to shortage, we chose home quarantine. I stayed in a room all by myself for 14 days and those days were predominantly me being struck with boredom or having terrible mood swings throughout the day. With the summer heat setting in and the precaution of not using AC, I felt extremely irritable most of the time.The best part was the care that came with home quarantine…as they say food is medicine. My mother’s ‘kabasooraneer’ was such a blessing in disguise. Leaf juices in the morning, having fruits,sprouts and vegetables in the diet and steaming thrice a day really helped me get back on track. I have tested negative now and feel perfectly fine.



I am an 18 year old who was attending college in Bangalore when I contracted the virus. I had contracted the virus on April 14th and exactly three days later I could experience symptoms. I could sense that I was sick with all the symptoms my body showed and I told my warden that I would stay in the room quarantined. This was a precautionary measure that I could take from my side. Yet, the people from the hostel wanted me to get a test report which said positive and hence I went to the BBMP testing center (government testing center) and gave my test. I had a severe headache and nausea. The fever was under control as I was under paracetamol for a week. There was joint pain because of which I couldn’t even move. Even if I had to throw up, I would place a bucket close to bed and pass out. The headache felt like something pushing into the skull. Though I tested negative a few days back, I feel the virus has weakened my entire system be it the lungs, muscles, joints…every part of the body. The fatigue was so extreme that I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs. The most rewarding thing about this journey however was the care that my aunt provided: from driving me from Bangalore to Mysore or giving protein rich food every two hours and monitoring if it was eaten, she became the backbone of my recovery. The most difficult part however is getting back to normal and that can be as small as getting the sleep cycle back in place. I also believe that eating hot and protein-rich food, steaming everyday and talking to loved ones really helps keep check on both physical and mental health. I believe life is a celebration regardless of one’s age and one should never give up while fighting a battle because each day is a new experience worthy of a fight!


Pritika, Student 


I have a hostel COVID story which shows how a ‘home’ really is the need of every person going through any form of sickness. My roommate and I  tested positive and her first reaction on being tested positive was fear and sadness. I wanted to go back home, but this news made my stay in the hostel last longer. From being inconsolable to consoling my parents, I realized that it was my responsibility to ensure that my parents don’t panic and worry about my wellbeing. After being tested positive, I had to shift to a ‘sick room’ in the hostel with my roommate. Even though we had to shift with belongings and necessities, we forgot some things like a knife to cut fruits or a shampoo. We learned how to manage with what we had. The first week was filled with symptoms, be it a pricking pain in the right side of the throat or a sensation at the sinus of the nose. Online classes added on as I was weak and couldn’t do assignments as my hands were trembling. Even my emotions were all over the place in the first week. The second week however was a period of no symptoms and I got to shift to a room with my best friend. Those days really helped us bond : from stargazing to listening to music, from missing home to being there for each other. After quarantining for 17 days, I wanted to get tested but her warden didn’t let me. After a few more days, once I got my negative test results I was the happiest person. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without the daily dose of food from the hostel which was given in disposables or the really good friends who sent fruits during quarantine. However, I do have one thing to say. It is extremely important to keep the mind positive and keep giving affirmations as much as possible. The mind will surely do its trick on the body. It’s extremely important to keep in touch with loved ones because they really show why this battle is worth fighting. After testing negative, I went back home finally.


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