Viral: Vishal’s Fiance Anisha Posts A Video Of Her Crying And Gives Out This Heartbreaking Message!

What a powerful message!

Vishal’s fiance Anisha Alla is a graduate, an entrepreneur, a travel blogger and a photographer. She always says the right things on social media and is appreciated for her knowledge. One of her recent posts was a video which was rather heartbreaking and powerful at the same time. Remember that time when a middle-agged woman from Delhi harassed a group of young women for wearing short dresses.

She looks at these women and says, “You girls are wearing such short clothes for everybody to see. Get naked and get raped.” She told this statement to seven men at the restaurant. This created a huge protest in and around various parts of Delhi and received a lot of comments on social media.

Giving her opinion on the same, Vishal’s fiance Anisha posted a video. In that, she stated, “I just watched this video of the woman screaming. I hope she gets this video. Clearly what she’s lacking is proper education. Her mind doesn’t think beyond a certain point. Why is a person wearing this or that is that individual’s choice. Essentially it makes the person feel good. However, you don’t know the kind of insecurities each person deals with. If wearing a short skirt makes a girl feel better about herself she has every right in the world to wear it. I would like her to know that it isn’t just the girls in the store that the woman offended, it is the entire gender she offended.”



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Okay, heads up.. maybe this video is too emotional or caught you off guard during your day, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the evening. But this is a message I felt the need to put out, for all of the women in my life, especially those who have gone through sexual abuse of any kind. There was a video that I watched and it broke my heart. This is in response to the video. My intention behind this is to stand up for all of the women who have gone through any sexual abuse, but also, to educate the not so fortunate minds on an alternate perspective as to why somebody dresses a certain way. There is quite frankly a LOT of things I want to say right now.. but I was just trying to be crisp and to the point, and was also trying really hard to hold my emotions together. I don’t mind the world seeing me cry if it would give another woman out there the strength to know that they are not alone. #Response Please feel free to share this video and comment so that it reaches the poor lady. I feel bad for her because she didn’t learn any better. To the women who were affected by her words, it made me happy to see all of you stand up for each other, especially the mother rocking the black dress. To the girl who was insulted, I bet you looked AMAZING in your skirt. #BeTheChange IT IS SUMMER LADY IN THE VIDEO. MAYBE THEY ARE WEARING SKIRTS BECAUSE OF HOW HOT IT IS? JUST MAYBE #JustMaybe

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