VIDEO: Shruti Haasan Turns Photographer To Shoot JFW July Cover!

“Shooting the July Cover for JFW was really exciting. I love self-shoots, doing my own HMU, putting the looks together on Facetime with my stylist, it is a bit time consuming but at the end of it, it’s really fun. I had a really good time and I hope everyone enjoys this ‘homemade JFW Cover” Shruti Haasan For JFW JULY!

As we continue to ‘physical-distance’ through these tough times, cover girl Shruti Haasan turns photographer to bring to you portraits of herself from her home in Hyderabad. July JFW features Shruti Haasan in a Desi Goth Glam look. “It is a very Victorian Goth meets India inspired. We have the very beautiful Indian silk which is ruffled in a very Victorian way” says the artist as she strikes her pose with three amazing looks.

Watch as she turns into her own entourage as she prepares to shoot the cover doing her makeup and hair. As she shoots her stills she talks to us on her journey in life, cinema and answers fun intriguing questions.

“My home was an atheist home, we didn’t have idols, we didn’t have poojas, and we didn’t have temple visits or any of that.” Says the artist in her cover story, but as she reveals her phone wallpaper in the BTS you’ll be quite surprised. She also takes us through her childhood, speaks about what she loves the most about her sister, and fears the most about her dad.

Watch the video to catch up on all the fun that went behind JFW’s first-ever self-shot cover with actress Shruti Haasan


“Being born into stardom you start developing a perception at a very young age that fame is not the have-all.” Shruti Haasan was born to privilege with a fabled last name but is determined to create her own legacy. As she opens up about her journey in life, she talks about her early memories of childhood, being broke, facing rejections, and finding her own way, shattering every misconception one might have about a star kid. Want to read more about? Click here!


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