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Uyare Movie Review: Parvathy Holds the Film Together Effortlessly

What a wonderful film!

Cast: Parvathy, Asif Ali, Tovino Thomas

Director: Manu Ashokan

Acid attacks are occurring as if it were something usual which is too dangerous. We must, as a Nation stand against violence which is a result of ego, patriarchy, male dominance and whanot in the name of love. On that note, this film is the life story of an acid attack survivor Pallavi (Parvathy) who is career driven. She is focused, she knows what she wants out of life from the very beginning and her foremost aim is to become a successful pilot. She may be focused in her professional life but her personal life leaves her asphyxiated.

Her boyfriend Govind (Asif Ali) takes in charge of everything she wears, says or does. Be it her career choice or be it her choice to live life, he must command no matter what. He is dominating, chauvinistic and most of all, over-possessive. However, Pallavi is giving in to his misbehavior and ceding space to his ego. We see Pallavi enjoying her college life so much so that she doesn’t notice Govind amidst the crowd. It is later that we know that he was furious because she wore something “inappropriate” according to him.

This heroic acid attack survivor’s life story has underlying factors that influences what actually led her to become one – toxic relationships, vulnerability to an over-possessive man in the name of love. The movie’s storyline is a great counter answer to all the films that whimpers when a woman dumps a “well-settled man in love with her”.

The only negativity of the film is its predictability but that is only a slight quibble as actress Parvathy proves her mettle yet again by effortlessly carrying the film on her shoulder. Her effortless acting and her oozing out of emotions just through that half shown face covers the certainty. Parvathy’s portrayal of Pallavi makes these weak points of the film subservient. She is truly a star and is unbeatable. Asif Ali has also done justice to his role much like Tovino.

Overall ‘Uyare’ is an unmissable film with few predictive scenes, but, Parvathy has beautifully curated every single frame with her craftsmanship.

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: Watch this film for a powerful story and Parvathy!

Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted

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