Tweet War: Khusbhu Sundar And Gayathri Raghuramm Have Some Serious Fight!

That was one hell of a fight!

As the Lok Sabha Elections are nearing, many have either joined parties or have begun taking sides. Khushbu Sundar is one of the actresses who joined the Indian National Congress and has been actively campaigning for the Party ever since. She was recently in news for her brave act against a molester who tried to misbehave with her in public. On the other hand, Bigg Boss fame Gayathri Raghuramm has joined the Bharathiya Janata Party and is actively campaigning for them as well, especially through social media.

In a recent, Khushbu shared a tweet about Smriti Irani of the BJP not being educated and that the MP accepted that she is uneducated finally.To which Gayathri responded:

And Khushbu hit back at her for her tweet against her:

We wonder if this could get worse!

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