TRENDING: This is How Much Each Bigg Boss Season 4 Contestants get Paid Per Week?

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 launched and the audience have finally gotten their list of contestants for this season. The contestants were a mix of talent ranging from aspiring actors, singers, news reader, and more. io Raj, Sanam Shetty, Rekha, Bala, Anitha Sampath, Aari Arjuna, Velmurugan, Samyutktha, Jithan Ramesh, Ramya Pandian, Shivani Narayanan, Aranthanggi Nisha, Gabriella Charlton, Suresh Chakravarthy, Aajeedh Khalique and Somashekar are the contestants so far.

According to a new portal the following is the most speculated amount each contestant get’s paid per day!
Ramya Pandian

Ramya is an Indian actress who works in Tamil films. The salary of the actress in the show is said to be Rs. 2 Lakhs per day.

Jithan Ramesh

Jithan Ramesh who’s worked in a movie Jithan in 2005 and  worked in the Tamil and Telugu film industry. Jithan Ramesh is paid Rs. 2 Lakhs per day.

Aranthangi Nisha

Aranthangi Nisha is a stand up comedian. She has also worked in movies like Kolamav Kokila. The tentative amount paid to Nisha is Rs 2 Lakhs per day for Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

There are model who are also a part of the show
  • Samyuktha Karthik
  • Sanam Shetty
  • Balaji Murugadoss

The salary given to the models per day is Rs. 1.5 Lakhs.


Velmurugan is a singer who is a part of the currently running show Bigg Boss Tamil 4. He is getting paid Rs. 1.5 Lakhs per day in the show.

Aajeedh Khalique

The singer who is a contestant in the house of Bigg Boss Tamil4 is getting paid an amount of Rs. 1 Lakh per day.


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