TRENDING: Seeman Demands A Ban on Samantha Akkineni’s The Family Man 2!


After the initial release of the trailer of The Family Man 2 starring Manoj Bajpayee, there was a lot of appreciation to Samantha for her very first role in a TV Series. Soon after a lot of social media users started writing against her role because it portrayed the LTTE in a bad light.  There has been so much backlash that #FamilyMan2_against_Tamils has been trending on Twitter. Now, in addition to all of this, Naam Tamizhar Katchi leader Seeman has asked for a ban on the series entirely. 

In a tweet written in Tamil, Seeman said, “If ‘The Family Man 2’ which insults the Tamil people is released, then serious consequences will follow.” He has also attached a much detailed letter to the tweet which completely conveys his opinion. The letter says that he was shocked to see visuals from the trailer that shows Sri Lankan LTTE as a terrorist group and Tamils as violent people.

Seeman also went on to say that movies like Inam and Madras Cafe were banned on the same lines, especially because they faced backlash after their release. Both Inam and Madras Cafe showed LTTE in a wrong way and because of the subsequent backlash, the movies faced consequences. Inam was removed from theatres altogether and Madras Cafe did not make it to the screens in Tamil Nadu and also in the United States and United Arab Emirates, with its sizable Tamil audience.

Seeman said, “Shifting the location of a Hindi web series to Chennai, bringing in the character of a Tamil Eelam girl, basing the colour of her dress to that of the LTTE uniform and associating Pakistan’s ISI to LTTE are not actions that happened coincidentally.” The politician has said time and again that if the series is premiered as planned on June 4 then they will face serious repercussions. 

Meanwhile, the team initially faced backlash from Netizens and is now facing the same from Seeman. However,  the team has not given a reply or a clarification regarding this yet.

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