TRENDING: RJ Suchi Makes Allegations on Kamal Haasan calling Him a Disgusting Human Being and Worse!

The grand finale of Bigg Boss 4 took place last week and Aari Arjunan emerged as the winner and Bala the runner up. The Bigg Boss contestants have also been posting postive images and messages of them returning home and what they’re journy has been. However Suchi one among the contestant has been highly vocal about how the show is rigged and flawed. Suchi who entered ‘Bigg Boss 4’ on the 28th day was evicted on the 49th day and she returned to the house for the grand finale. Taking to her instagram the singer now has yet again gone on a rampage this time targetiing the host of the show Kamal Haasan.

On a series of posts that was published in her Instagram account which she later deleted, Suchi goes on a rampage calling the show flawed and host of the show a worthless puppet master.

Suchithra wrote a poem on Instagram which she later deleted in which she had made ugly comments about Kamal and calling his new fashion brand that he launched during the finale a fake one.

Here is a draft from her previously published poem!

“Victory has been taken, by those who
deem it important
Failure has been gifted to the Deserving
The Victorious relish their silly victory
Knowing fully well, the Evil they are serving
The Puppet Master is an A*s****
And a jerk of the highest order
He leads the winner on
While the runner-up is safe in his border
When I said a Hero will rise, the Asshole
looked to the skies
And shot his solitary arrow
Pinning his near and dear close, yet failing
to hit target
He’s destined to re-begin as a loser from

Suchi further added a caption explaining the post ““Puppet Master = #kamal and his stupid House of Whatever nonsense brand (such pooooooor taste). I know l was given a synthetic shirt and told to display it as Khadi (owning up )…what a disgusting human being #emperorsnewclothes much Mr KH? #worstucharacters oru ruba kooda selav panla.. theendhu pochu kanakku ramar wastu…he’s a helpless man- not a God.”

However the singer deleted all her posts. However it was not before a number of netizens started sharing the screenshots of her controversial posts expressing their disappointment with the her. The screenshots have from them become viral in social media. A number of people pointed out how her allegations were false and based on no facts. They also pointed out that the shirt she wore was in fact khadi and not polyester.

Check out the screenshots from the post!

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