TRENDING: Oviya Demands to Ban Big Boss Says “Torture contestants until commit suicide for TRP”

Oviya has always been very bold, strongly-opinionated and has been very expressive but, that is her charm and that is why she has a huge fanbase. At a tender age of 17, Kerala-born Helen decided to enter films as Oviya. However, she rose to fame from her very first film ‘Kalavani’ where her song ‘Damma Damma’ was something every teenage girl then wished to try. She is still young, and child-like at heart and swears by it as key to a stress-free life.

She has always been straight-forward with all her answers be it social media or in reality shows. In a recent, netizens trolled the actress on Twitter for not voicing her opinion on various social issues.

The actress is very active on social media and often interacts with her fans. Yesterday night she took to her Twitter account to ask, “Do you agree or disagree to ban big boss show?” A fan said, “Yes Bigg Boss should be banned.” Oviya responded, “I wish they should not torture contestants until commit suicide for TRP.”

Oviya recently posted a tweet asking , ‘Do you agree or disagree to ban big boss show?’ and when one of the social media users replied Yes it should be banned, she responded, ‘I wish they should not torture contestants until commit suicide for TRP (sic)’

The actress is hardly following anyone on twitter and on being asked why she is not following anyone, she replied, “Not interested in others life.” On the professional front, Oviya was last seen in Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 3.

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