TRENDING: Gouri Kishan Opens Up About Her Traumatic School Experience!


Recently, students of a Chennai school, PSBB, voiced their concern against Mr. Rajagopalan, a teacher who has sexually and  verbally abused the students in unimaginable ways. Following this confession, a lot of other school students also spoke-up about the different kinds of harassment and abuse they faced in their respective schools. Many popular Chennai schools like Chettinad Vidyashram and Maharishi Vidya Mandir have also been mentioned in this list. Now, as an addition to this list, the ’96’ movie actress Gouri G Kishan has opened up about the problems she faced during her school days. 

Gouri took to her Instagram stories to call-out bullying, casteism, slut-shaming, body-shaming, objectification, etc. that she and many of her classmates experienced during their school days in Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adayar. “Most of us from HSSS, myself included, have faced all of the above, first hand,” she said. 

After sharing her personal experience, she urged others also to open up about the problems they have faced so that it can be taken to their respective school managements and can be handled professionally. She said, “Having recalled this unpleasantness has been traumatic but a huge burden off my chest. Now I wish, more of you come out with your personal accounts in order to take this up with the school administration formally, so that we can at least hope that the forthcoming batches don’t face similar abuse!”

This issue came to limelight only after Model Kripali Samadariya started a campaign on Instagram and urged students to narrate their experiences so as to expose the perverts. She received hundreds of messages from students, narrating their experiences during and after school. After she started sharing these, singer Chinmayi, actress Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli and Politician Kanimozhi also took it to their respective social media to share their opinion. 

While the PSBB management has responded by suspending the teacher awaiting further investigation, students are opening up little by little about their respective experiences as well. Schools are slowly being added to this list and it seems like no Chennai school has been left out. 

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