TRENDING: Chinmayi Sripaada A Part Of Bigg Boss Tamil? Singer Has A Fitting Response For Calling Her Controversial!

Chinmayi was quick to respond!

Bigg Boss has been the talk of the town lately and as the contestants list guessing is being done on social media, another name popped up and it is none other than popular singer Chinmayi. Chinmayi’s voice is everybody’s favourite as well. She also lends her voice to several actresses with her close friends Samantha being her most favourite. In a recent, a media report stated that Chinmayi would be a part of the Bigg Boss House and said that is because she was a part of the “metoo controversy”.

As terrible as that sounds, Chinmayi gave it back like a boss.

“I saw a youtube channel name me as one of the shortlisted names for Bigg Boss. Only the way they referred to me was ‘Before Vanitha, Chimayi has been known for controversy due to the MeToo Movement’ The voice over belongs to a man. Whoever it might be. The bigger battle, these people who run youtube channels or are part of the Nakkeerans of the world have no brains, nor intellect nor understanding of what is controversial and what is creating awareness. The most interesting part- the video starts with Veetuku Periyavar as Radha Ravi. Even a Mr Radha Ravi who is abusive out in the open gets respect when addressed; the man has embezzled dubbing union money, has sexual harassment allegations against him but Saar is Saar. And I am referred to as controversial. What does one do when mainstream media is made of humans like this? How much does one educate? I would never be in a show like Bigg Boss. All the ‘speculative’ videos/article are using my name for publicity and to earn money. No one else would know of them otherwise,” she stated.

Well said, Chinmayi. The #metoo movement was a monumental move calling out all the harassers, molesters and rapists from several industries. Every individual despite gender differences must call out such people. This is no controversy, this is important and such reports are sheer ignorance. Especially shaming and blaming ones who have been constantly fighting for it.

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