TRENDING: Chinmayi Calls Out Comedian Sathish For His Comment On ‘Tamil Culture’!

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Recently, the audio launch of Actress Sunny Leone’s upcoming Tamil film Oh My Ghost took place in Chennai. Actor-comedian Sathish is also a part of the film and he also made an appearance at the event. Being Leone’s first visit to South India, she chose to wear a saree for the event. Videos of Bigg Boss contestant GP Muthu feeding Pal Kova (milk sweet) to Sunny Leone went viral on social media, almost immediately after the event took place. Now, Chinmayi has called out Sathish for his comment against actress and CWC fame Dharsha Gupta. The comment was on Tamil Culture and was a comparison between Sunny Leone and her.

Dharsha Gupta was seen wearing a dark green Lehenga to the event. Talking about how Sunny Leone wore a saree, Sathish commented and trolled Dharsha for not wearing one. He said, “Look at the way a girl from Bombay has dressed, and look at the way a girl from Coimbatore has dressed up.” He then justified his statement by saying that he just appreciated Leone for adapting our culture in our city. However, it is very evident that the actor-comedian tried to school Dharsha and pass on an opinion that a woman’s identity is fully based on how they dress. His statement tries to reiterate that women who don’t dress in ‘stereotypical’ Tamil clothes are not Tamil women. Ironically, Sathish who made this comment was not wearing a Veshti (Dhoti), an outfit that is considered traditionally a Tamil outfit for men.

Calling out this unnecessary comment, Chinmayi shared the video of his comment and said, “I mean – To actually *point* at a woman and ask for mass heckling of a crowd by a man on a woman who doesn’t dress according to culture. When will this behaviour from men stop? It’s not funny.”

It is high-time men stop schooling women and stereotyping them for dressing a certain way. The clothing of a woman does not define her identity. Her nativity and the language she speaks defines whether or not she belongs to a particular place.

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