TRENDING: Bigg Boss Fame Shivani REVEALS About Her Mother’s Anger On Her!

Here’s why!

Shivani Narayanan may have not won her Bigg Boss title but her controversies certainly caught the attention of her fans and audience. Her love story with Balaji Murugadoss was the biggest of them all. Several found Shivan stuck in this toxic relationship and wasn’t seen playing her game. In fact, during one of the episodes, Shivani’s mother visited her in the House and lashed out at her daughter for looking needy and desperate onscreen.

She further had told in the process Shivani had completely lost her game play as a result. In a recent interview though, Shivani finally revealed why her mother burst out. “She has never gotten mad at me and has never been disappointed with any of my activities. But she told me certain things inside the house, and I realised that she was hurt terribly,” added Shivani.

She further stated, “Though she was a little disappointed that I could have played my game better, she was happy with my last task, where I had to stand in a certain position for hours together.”

It is to be noted that Shivani was lauded by her fans and followers as she stayed calm and composed even when her mother yelled at her. Host Kamal Haasan too lauded her for the same and gave her mother one more chance to interact with her without yelling at her.

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