TRENDING: Bigg Boss Contestant Rio Raj’s Wife Sruthi LASHES OUT At Fans For Calling Her Husband A “Comali”!

Here’s what happened!

Rio Raj’s argument was not taken well by several fans on social media and he turned out to be an immediate meme and troll target. In fact, so much so that several started trending the hashtag Comali Rio on Twitter. While this final batch is reaching its finals, this publicity did not go down well with Rio’s fans.

While fans argued on Twitter, the actor’s wife Sruthi also wanted to give a piece of her mind on social media as well. Tweeting about this, Sruthi said, “I see some comments that try to defame him by saying comali. I’m actually glad! I’m proud to love someone who does his best to make others laugh even while hiding his pain! You shine beyond hatred my dear! Remain a comali. Be an inspiration! #weloverio.”


As the finals near, all the older contestants will also be entering the House, as is done during every season. Mirchi Suchi who was one of the former contestants who would be entering the House for the finale asked her fans and followers whether or not Balaji needs to be questioned about “protecting” Shivani or not. Most seemed to have agreed that it is just a game strategy and nothing more.

We will have to wait for the finale to know about the winner!

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