Top 5 Daredevil Actresses in Kollywood

These heroines are breaking gender stereotypes!

Legions of young filmmakers in Kollywood, who with their fertile imagination, have come up with meaty roles for women. Many leading heroines are portrayed in strong and bold characters, which form an integral part of the script. And they do what men do on screen – take on baddies by flexing their muscles. Gone are those days when a female character would cower in fear until her macho man came rescuing her. These actresses, with the roles they’ve played, need no saving. Here are some who proved that they are power puff girls and can do acrobatic stunts, take risks and make a mark for themselves.



Nayanthara in a still from ‘Imaikka Nodigal’

A popular lead actress in contemporary south Indian cinema, Nayanthara has come a long way. From a humble beginning in Ayya to a gutsy cop in this year’s Imaikka Nodigal, there’s a lot that one can learn by watching her career graph.  Her growth has been significant. In Imaikka Nodigal, she performs risky stunts without a body double. If her character as a District Collector in Aramm was mentally head-strong, then Imaikka Nodigal brought out the willingness in her to match what our heroes generally venture to do on screen – action and adventure. With more in her kitty, she is sure to offer more exciting films to audience. One is sure to expect a lot in her upcoming films such as Sye Raa Narasimha and Kolaiyuthir Kaalam.

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