THROWBACK Thursday: Amala Paul’s Spontaneous Kiss With VJ Ramya!

They do look great together!

Amala Paul’sprevious  film Aadai had created a stir so much so that she was sacked from Vijay Sethupathi’s next because the producers indirectly did not approve of her role in the film Aadai and in fact, she said, like most in the society, the producers might have had second thoughts after her nude scene that was shown in the teaser. The film’s trailer and teaser was trolled and objectified by many but was equally appreciated.

The film showed Amala Paul sharing an intimate moment with VJ Ramya and that added substance to the storyline. In an interview, Amala Paul had talked about the kiss and about how it was spontaneous and not scripted. She said, “What’s wrong in kissing a woman? That shot was spontaneous and not scripted. Once you are in the character, you should let your inner actor take over you.”



It will be beautiful to see the film revolve a bit around the LGBTQIA angle.

In an interview, Amala was asked about shooting the no-clothing scene. She stated, “There were only 15 people on the sets. I wouldn’t have done the scene if I didn’t trust the crew.” She further added, “There will always be people who will judge the film before watching it. We can’t do anything about it. It was an honest attempt. It is a true film, and each film has its own destiny. So, who cares about the comments?”

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