This Deleted Scene From ’96’ Will Make You Love The Movie More!

So many feels!

Almost two months ago, filmmaker Prem Kumar’s debut directorial ’96’ released and charmed the audience who love Tamil cinema. A romantic drama, the film stars Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan as Ram and Jaanu, two childhood lovers who reunite after two decades and pick up where they left things. Praised by critics and the audience, the film’s poignant story was considered so relatable, that even cynics felt it was one of Kollywood’s best this year.

The makers of the film released a deleted scene and sure makes the film look more beautiful! The scene features Ram and Jaanu standing outside veteran singer S Janaki Devi’s house. Jaanu’s character was named after the singer, someone whom she grew up looking up to and would only sing her songs.

Right when the two were outside her place at night, S Janaki appears in her car and invites them inside her place. They interact and talk about everything including Jaanu’s favourite songs. That’s when Janaki advices her that she should not just sing her songs but other singers’ songs too. “Because if you have a beautiful voice, then you should sing,” she says with affection.

This scene, perhaps, pieces together why Jaanu sang ‘Yamunai Aatrile’ for Ram when they were at his place later that night.

Watch the scene here:

The film had an October 4 release. While it has already been telecasted on the television, the film recently completed 50 days at the theatre and continues to fare well with a decent occupancy. Music is by Govind Vasanth of Thaikuddam Bridge fame.

Playing Jaanu aka Janaki Devi, Trisha is seen wearing a simple yellow kurta, light blue jeans and a blue silk stole with hair tied into a low ponytail and a tiny bindi on the forehead. Simple yet classy, this has become a look that everybody on social media has been raving about. In fact, clothing showrooms in the city have already started selling the ‘Jaanu’ look! The film has even inspired dollmakers to make a Ram and Jaanu doll.

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