There Were Misunderstandings: Throwback To When Superstars Nayanthara And Trisha Opened Up About Their Long Fight With Each Other

It’s nice that they are cordial today!

They maybe leading the South film industry for over a decade now, but they are famous globally. While Nayanthara has received the title of Lady Superstar, Trisha is fondly known as the reigning queen. They both have very different choice of scripts and genres to choose from everytime. They have a fanbase larger than most male superstars today. They’re movies are entertaining, engaging and mostly, they do a great deal of women-centric films. They carry the entire film on their shoulder effortlessly and turn it into a blockbuster too.

However, there has always been one speculation, a mystery that remains unsolved – a huge tiff between Trisha and Nayanthara that the media has been potraying for a long time now. Their friendship has reportedly been very on and off most of the times. In this throwback interview, here’s what Nayanthara and Trisha had to say about one another:

Trisha: “Nayan has been in this industry for donkeys years, more than a decade to be precise. I think most the issues Nayan and I had was media created. Yes, we had a little fallout but that was not professional. It was personal and due to some mutual friends we had. We didn’t talk for a while but we never fought.” “But, there is always a lot of mutual respect. Yes, she has been very competitive individually, but we always wish each other well.”

Nayanthara: “I think because Trisha and I are in the same industry, a lot of misunderstandings were created as a result. Even do not know what the actual issue was, but for a very long time we never spoke to each other. Even when we are together at a public event, we don’t talk. But, once we met and she initiated the conversation, which was absolutely sweet of her. When she took the effort to come talk to me what more is needed? I have to give it to her and I really appreciate her for initiated the conversation.”

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