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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist!!!!

So useful for your D-Day!!!

The perfect D-Day is not altogether an impossible dream to achieve. Before you go into a full on ‘Bridezilla’ mode, we at JFW are here to help you make your perfect day so much more memorable with the ultimate checklist for preparations. From well in advance till the day of the big event, we have got you covered!  

6 months before

It is going to be really tough to do it all on your own so don’t be against taking the help of the other adults at home, including in laws.

  • Engagement party!
  • Approximate budget for wedding
  • Apply for personal loan if necessary
  • Send save the date messages
  • Guest list
  • Wedding Trousseau
  • Main wedding jewellery including rings and mangalsutra
  • Set up the caterer
  • Get the venue ready
  • Narrow down on decorators
  • Hire a party planner
  • Decide courses of the ceremony
  • Hire religious or civil official to initiate the ceremony
  • Hire band / music
  • Start a fitness regime and follow through

3 months before

Start delegating tasks to family members and friends. Narrow down on clearer plans and don’t freeload on options anymore.

  • Decide the menu for all meals
  • Hire a makeup & hair person for the ceremony
  • Invitation printing and distribution
  • Book and plan the honeymoon
  • Get wedding registry done
  • Purchase return gifts
  • Purchase gifts to distribute with the invitation
  • Bridesmaid/Groomsmen outfits
  • House hunt if needed
  • Bridal accessories including shoes, clutches etc.
  • Accommodation for guests

1 month before

Now it is all about you. Get pampered and enjoy being the centre of attention.


  • Do a fitting session of clothes in case there’s a need of alterations
  • Plenty of spas!
  • Bikini wax, facial, hair massages and detans treatments.
  • Taste all dishes for the day
  • Send all digital invites
  • Bachelorette party!
  • Be expectant of an impromptu bridal shower by best friend!
  • Get visas ready depending on where you are going for the honeymoon
  • Confirm all plans with wedding service providers once again
  • A wedding is bound to stress you out, do a routine health check up of your vitals
  • Book mehendi artist if needed
  • Do a pre-wedding photoshoot!
  • Choreograph for any dance numbers you might do!
  • Book a resort for first night if not leaving out of town right away after ceremony!


1 day before

Including miscellaneous and important items for others to handle.

  • Cash for emergencies
  • Print copies of detailed program schedule of all ceremonies and give to close ones
  • Sewing Kit, toiletries, medical kit etc
  • Pack all outfits in different suitcases and label the same
  • Pack for honeymoon if leaving right away
  • Get wedding registrar notified about the upcoming ceremony
  • Hand your phone to your best friend to update all the social media handles as you see fit
  • Backup drive to copy photographs and videos
  • Delegate a person to receive calls for directions to venue
  • Delegate a person to take stock of the gifts you will receive
  • Extra pair of footwear for comfort
  • Touch up makeup kit
  • Logistics and other rides to and fro from venue for you and others
  • Delegate someone to coordinate with food bank to pick up leftovers from dinner so as not to waste

There you have it! Now all that is left is to hold on to your nerves and have a blast on the big day!

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