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The Smallest Things Can Make Me Happy: Aditi Rao Hydari!

Aditi gets candid!

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“To me, the quality of the role is important and also the people whom I work with”

Movies happened to Aditi by chance, though she (secretly) always wanted to be a movie star. Craving to be a part of the magic that is the movies, she finds it really hard till date to believe that she is living her dream. Aditi feels grateful to all her fans, who love, encourage and support her. She says, “The love of the people is a real blessing especially because I am not from a film family. My first Tamil movie was offered to me after a dance concert in Chennai because the director thought I resembled actor Shobhana. One thing led to another, and I landed up in Mumbai with loads of positive thoughts, faith and dreams and probably too much naivety but I am strangely grateful for it.”

Her instincts play a vital role when it comes to picking her roles in movies. Having no godfather in filmdom, Aditi feels she is still taking baby steps in the industry, and that she does not have the power to choose yet but she would love to see her wish list of directors coming true. “I try and work on the best from what is offered to me and I keep my head high with my dignity and credibility intact. To me, quality of the role is important and also the people whom I work with. A director is the captain of the ship, so I strive to work with people who will create fabulous characters and stories and inspire me to give my best.”

Aditi had a great time shooting for her latest release, the Akshay Kumar starrer Boss (a remake of the super hit Malayalam movie Pokkiri Raja) but there was one instance when she admits she ‘freaked out’ and that was when the entire cast and crew played a prank on her. “As I arrived on the sets one day they sent a fake stalker to stare at me for what seemed like infinity; I pretended to be calm but my heart was racing. They still don’t admit that they did it, but I know that they did because they were all watching and suppressing their giggles.”




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