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The Quad Squad: Muscle Up That Body

We have gyms that have you running around in treadmills. We have mats that beckon you to perform all sorts of asanas from yoga. And then you have another level of workout that goes beyond mere running and pulling. Quads exercise is for the muscles and, let’s just say, there’s a lot to do and it is not easy.

Before you take up any physical exercise, you must be clear that your body is a-okay. Right from taking any injuries to account to ailments you might be suffering from, it’s important to know that you are body can take physical exertion. Bearing that in mind, you can always try out a type of workout that is the rage now – quads. To define it, you need to know that it focuses on muscles. The word ‘quads’ is derived quadriceps femoris, referring to the muscles in the main extensor of the knee, near the thigh region.

It’s important to strengthen your quads because it’s often the most neglected muscle. On the regular, many tend to focus on their arms and stomach but what most would ignore are the leg days. Sure, it’s double the work and pain, but as the adage goes – ‘no pain, no gain’.

Working on your quads isn’t just beneficial to your leg muscles, but it also helps in strengthening your upper body, particularly your back. It also helps in stabilising your balance and strengthening your knees.

Begin with stretching; nothing is as helpful as stretching the muscles before you start the workout. It ensures proper blood flow and flexibility.

Some of the exercises you could try to begin your squad programme:

Front Squats:

While most are used to back squats, the front squat is a slight variation. Contrary to what you might be used to, you need to get into the perfect form despite the limited flexibility that your wrists and forearms are used to. Position your feet wide apart, take a deep breath, step in close to the bar and lower into a quarter squat so the bar is touching the top of your chest and front of your shoulders. Don’t let go, instead try to focus on your elbows being up high as possible.

Weighted Lunges:

Take two dumbbells, preferably a weight you’re comfortable with. You can start off with anything between 2-5kgs for the initial days. Weighted lunges help in strengthening the knees, and the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. For this, stand straight with holding a dumbbell each. Keep one leg forward, lower your hips till the knees are bent at a perfect 90 degree angle. You need to ensure that your knee does not touch the floor. Keep at it, shifting each leg. You need to keep your body weight on your heels and not your whole foot.

Box Jump:

With benefits similar to that of lunges, box jumps focus on your main lower-body muscles particularly the glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings. You would require a steady box that can handle your weight. Go for 36X42 inches box. You will have to jump on in, squat, with your arms swinging down and back. Ensure you land on your feet softly, in a squat position.

Hill Sprints:

While running is regarded as an aerobic exercise, hill sprints are more of an anaerobic exercise. All you need to do is find a hill and sprint up followed by a one-minute walk each time you sprint for 10 seconds or more. If you want to try weighted hill sprints, wear a weighted vest which can be purchased online. Don’t exert yourself here, keep taking the breaks in between.

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