The Nagma-Ganguly Affair: I wanted To Marry Him!

He is quite the charmer!

There was a huge buzz in the early 2000s that Nagma and ace cricketer and the then captain of the Indian Cricket Team had an affair for a very long time. Ganguly was married then and it was touted to be an extra-marital affair.During one of her interviews, Nagma confessed that she wanted to marry Ganguly but she was concerned about the reaction his wife would have to this.

As the issue escalated, Ganguly’s wife allegedly threatened her that she would take legal action against her. It was further reported that the cricketer’s wife was so angry that she even beat up the actress once.

However, Ganguly was reportedly in love with Nagma too and the couple was really fond of each other. It was even reported that some of his poor performances on field was due to his personal situation with Nagma.

Nagma used to rule Tollywood and Kollywood and has acted in various blockbusters with various superstars.

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