The Goofy, Fun Side Of Parvathy Thiruvothu You Never Knew About; READ ON!

Parvathy is a complete package!

She brings her own sunshine, she walks away with her own thunder; when Parvathy Thiruvothu enters a room, there’s a luminous aura around her accompanied with her wholesome smile. With confidence in her stride and strength in her words, Parvathy is well aware of the consequences of speaking up in an industry that chooses to let sleeping dogs lie. In the face of adversity, she is the woman who gives it a wink and strives on. But, there’s another side to this strong woman, she is goofy, she loves music and she could crack you up as you begin your conversing with her.

Team JFW had a series of rapid fire questions with the VIRUS actress and it everybody simply had a ball of a time listening to her quirky answers and getting to know her cheeky side.

A person you would get stuck in an elevator with?

Cate Blanchett. I had a chance to meet her once. I wasn’t really stalking her but I was running behind her at dinner with a glass of wine hoping to just have a tiny chat and take a picture with her.

I’m sure her entourage must have noticed this creepy woman behind Cate Blanchett in all the photos.  I finally got a selfie with her. She is the only person I have gotten so start struck with.



How to get your special attention?

Respect. I love conversations, conversations where you can just be comfortably silent, hopefully, one you can debate a little bit, I kind of like that so they will have my attention. I like people who use their silence well.

The messiest person you know

Me. Me always. This was a fodder to many memes recently because I said that in an interview that I hate taking showers. True.  I also think brushing teeth every day is like meh….  it is not an option for many people, they do it, I don’t know why it’s such a struggle for me.  It’s like a lot of work. At the same time, I have certain OCD. The way I put my shoes in my room, the way I arrange my toiletries on the counter those all have to be perfect. My bathroom floor should not be wet… But when it comes to personal hygiene I’ am messy.

Your most annoying habit?

You know recently I have had a dose of self-love, so I’m finding it hard to find anything annoying about me. But what my friends say is that I send the longest voice notes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes sometimes I just talk my heart out, because I’m lonely. I travel a lot alone and I like talking, I love my friends and I miss them. So in all the groups, they have given me this challenge to keep my voice notes under forty seconds. And that makes me nervous because it’s not facts I’m talking but feelings.



A talent you’ve never shown off

I think I’m a decent dancer but I just need a little bit of training.  I dance goofy well; I think the world needs more goofy. Another thing is that I can burp on cue. I’ve done that in an interview and I think that got me a lot attraction and I have a bright future there.  *burps* there you go… anytime you guys, entertainment on the go with Parvathy Thiruvothu.

Worst spoiler in recent times

My friend who is a crazy Marvel fan, she sits down with me in the movie and narrates to me exactly what happens in the first shot. That must take some other level of cruelty because I cried.

Watch the full video below to check out the full interview:

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