The Fashion Icon That is Trisha: Stylists Shravya Varma And Amritha Ram Are Proof!

Trisha’s stylists explain her fashion game!

Playing Jaanu aka Janaki Devi from ‘96’, Trisha was seen wearing a simple yellow kurta, light blue jeans and a blue silk stole with hair tied into a low ponytail and a tiny bindi on the forehead. Simple yet classy, this became a look that everybody on social media were raving about. In fact, seeing the popularity clothing showrooms in the city started selling the ‘Jaanu’ look!

But, Trisha did not become a fashion icon overnight, and has come a long way in terms of fashion and honestly, she has nailed every year’s lookbook. On her birthday, we got to talk to her personal stylist Shravya Varma. In an exclusive interview with JFW, the stylist talked about her relationship with the ‘96’ star. She stated, “I would like to believe that we both have evolved together in this fashion journey. She was my first chennai based client! I started styling her first in 2015 and together we have done atleast over 70 looks together since then and each time despite testing time limits we have pulled off every look making it seem super effortless.”


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A lil late in the day but nevertheless my heartfelt thanks to…. @rozinavishram for the outfit @jaipurgems for this stunning piece @shravyavarma for styling me ❤️ #jfwawards

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She further said, “For me personally, I would like to think that I get her and I find it easy to work with her since I know that she respects my experience and I respect her limits. In all of these 5 years I met her only once. That’s the funniest part of our relationship. However , we are always in touch and we are updated in each other’s personal and professional spaces.”

On asking what Trisha’s preferences is when it comes to choice of clothes, she said, “Just like any other girl – she has her phases if you ask me. One season she May like only casuals and smart formals. Another season she prefers only sarrees and indian.”


Trisha is a natural, she says. “I can put her in a 5000 rupee dress or a 5 lakh worth of a dress or even a gunny bag for that matter – she will own it either way. Trisha is someone with that natural style and attitude in the way she carries her self with great class and oomph both at the same time,” she concluded.

We agree with Shravya totally, Trisha can literally pull off any look.

But, how does it work for her in her films? Celebrity stylist Amritha Ram who is a personal stylist for Kamal Haasan, Devi Sri Prasad, Andrea to name a few, is styling Trisha in ‘Paramapadham Vilayattu’ the trailer of which has received a lot of appreciation. Amritha is styling Trisha for the first time and she talks about her experience. “She is one of the most reciprocative actresses I have ever worked with. This is my first time styling Trisha and honestly, it has been one of the best experiences. I hope to work with her more now after the experience I’ve gained from this.”


Trisha always adds a personal touch to a styling when its for a film. “I have to say when someone like her is so comprehending and understanding, it is absolutely encouraging for a stylist. The only concern she had was that all the clothes must fit her and that’s about it. She was so cooperative. She would try every look I send across and send me pictures and would ask me for my opinion. Yes, she gives in her personal touch to every look but it’s all good in the hood, in fact, helpful too. She has been very communicative and it has been very beautiful to work with her.”

Finally, talking about her film looks, Amritha said, “She is a doctor and a young mom in ‘Paramapadham Vilayattu’ so we have kept her looks simple but with an edge. You will see that edge once you watch the film. It has been really interesting for me. Second of all, Trisha is someone who can pull off literally any look. She will complete the look with her hair and makeup and that entirety she brings in is the best about her.”

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