The Bigg Boss Connect: Sakshi Agarwal’s Pleasant Surprise Makes Cheran Emotional!

They stay connected even after the show!

The reality show Bigg Boss states that it aims at survival without technology and by human connect. While it sometimes lets people connect really well, it also has people ending up loathing one another as shown on-camera. However, this one’s definitely about bonding. Director Cheran has been almost everyone’s favourite this season and many continue to stay connected to him. It was only a few months ago when actress Jaangri Madhumitha invited Cheran to her home and cooked lunch for him. A picture of her serving him lunch went viral on social media.

Yet another contestant surprised the director on his birthday and that was Sakshi Agarwal. She surprised him with a cake which made Cheran post an emotional message on social media. While Sakshi wrote, “We give surprises only to people who are close to our heart, So I made a surprise visit to #Cherappa ‘s house to celebrate his bday and his face reaction was #EPIC 🥰 Happy Birthday, #cheran anna! @directorcheran.”

Director Cheran wrote, “Thank you so much, my dear sister… Really surprise… You made me like a child…”


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