TELANGANA: Man Accuses His Girlfriend Of Cheating; Kills Her And Surrenders!


In a shocking incident, a 25-year-old man allegedly murdered his girlfriend over suspicion of her cheating on him. The victim Harathi and Mohammad Shahid were in a relationship from their college days. Shahid had rented a home near Hanamkonda and that is where Harathi had visited him. The argument heated up when he accused Harathi of having an affair with another man and eventually slit her throat then and there.

After committing the crime, he went to the Warangal Police Station and surrendered by confessing to killing his girlfriend.  Officials also confirmed that the two were not just college mates but were also neighbours who had known each other for a very long time. Recently, Harathi had informed her family that she had some work and left home to actually meet Shahid at Hanamkonda. Shahid had reportedly rented a room in Hanamkonda to prepare for his examinations.


According to reports, the owner of the house had asked Shahid to move out as he hadn’t given any identity proof in order to rent the room. The sub-inspector at the Subedari Police station investigating the case informed The News Minute, “Harathi’s parents knew Shahid very well but didn’t know they liked each other. They said that they came to know about the relationship only recently when they had started looking for alliances for their daughter. Harathi’s parents didn’t have any issue with the relationship and were waiting for the right time to talk to Shahid’s parents.”

“After committing the crime, he fled the scene and travelled up to 4 km in an auto-rickshaw. He then reached the Central Prison in Warangal and asked to meet the cops. The guards tried to send him back, stating that the meeting time was over. But much to their shock, he confessed to killing Harathi, after which the Central Prison cops called us. We later brought the accused to the Subedari police station,” the SI added.

While multiple reports suggest that Harathi was rushed to the hospital and died there, the Police confirm that Harathi was found dead lying in a pool of blood. It was only in November last year that the body of a young woman was found in Hanamkonda in Warangal after she was brutally raped and killed. A college student, Puli Sai Goud, was arrested for the crime within nine hours of the cops’ finding the body, reports The News Minute.

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