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Teddy Bear Trailer: A Heartwarming Story To Unfold Soon!

A JFW Original!!

When it comes to short films these days, the usual fare likes to focus on romance and love. Teddy Bear, a JFW Original, focuses on love, too, but with an interesting depiction.

A husband and wife seem happy on the surface, with their friends and colleagues noticing the chemistry they share. They are the kinds who talk on the phone for a long time when away from each other; the marriage clearly seems blissful.

The short film’s trailer, however, shows another side. Amidst all the smiles, there’s an anticipation of something breaking out. Something’s missing in their lives and they aren’t exactly revealing what it is although, to the viewers, it’s obvious what they are talking about.

“The issue itself is about a child,” the male protagonist mutters and leaves everyone guessing what the simmering tension between this otherwise happy couple might be.

The short film will be out soon. Watch the trailer here:

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Teddy Bear: A Heartwarming Short Film That Couples Must Watch!