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Teddy Bear: A Heartwarming Short Film That Couples Must Watch!

Watch it here!

If you had watched the trailer for the short film, it ended with the man screaming – “The issue itself is about a child!” Giving the audience a hint of what the short film might be about, Teddy Bear focuses on how the lack of a child in a couple’s life could create rifts in their marriage.

Marriages these days are hard to maintain. With a fast-paced life and work taking over, the need for making a career, earning more money, and setting one’s self up often leads to individuals briefly disconnecting from their families. Couples, too, who are involved with their work and stuck in the rigmarole, find it difficult to keep a healthy marriage going.

The couple in this short film – a hardworking husband and an equally engaging wife – contemplate the extreme step of separation. The cause for their separation stems from the fact that they don’t have children, something that both of them discuss with their respective friends.

It’s not that the couple lacks intimacy or that they can’t have children, their lifestyles and the husband’s case of infertility might have been a hindrance, but the couple’s respective peers ensures them that they don’t lose hope.

The short film tugs at your heartstrings considering it takes on a topic that is often unexplored – a childless couple.

Watch it here:

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