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Nikki Galrani Talks About Her Dream Wedding And What She Looks For In A Man!

JFW Exclusive; D-Day Dreams!

Nikki Galrani has just finished shooting Dhammaka, a Malayalam movie directed by Omar Lulu that is set to release this month. Shuffling between promotions and shooting her next Kollywood film Rajavamsam, we catch up with the busy bee for an off-beat interview about her dream wedding. She talks about what she looks for in a man, old school romance and where exactly she wants to get married.

As she opens up about her personal choices we realise that this bubbly, charming, star is not far from conventional, beyond the spotlight. Her takes on family, relationships, marriage and potential life partner, reflect just this.

By Sruthi Ravinder 

Decoding Nikki’s wedding mood board! 

Modern-day bride! 

I’m yet to be a bride! But from what I see, girls out there are ready to have fun at their wedding. It was not the case in the previous generation. A girl was expected to behave a certain way, sit a certain way, dress a certain way, even if it was her wedding, the biggest day of her life!

Thank goodness we’ve left those times behind! Today, the very word ‘bride’ sounds loaded with an aura like few others. Only the best for the bride, because the day and all its celebration, is hers.

Pictured a fairytale wedding?

I grew up not even sure if I’d ever want to get married. But as you grow up you understand life better. I went through that growth myself and decided I want to settle down one day and spend my life with a good partner. So it’s just been maturity with time I guess, I was never the dreamy-eyed girl waiting for my knight in silver armor! 

Five things you look for in a man! 

Honesty is very important. Good sense of humour, he should be able to make me smile and laugh with me as well. And of course, kindness and real love which complete any relationship. That’s what matters at the end of the day, right? A lot of love! Also a little taller than me (laughs).

Commitment to you is? 

When it comes to family, love, marriage, I’m very old school! I seek commitment and loyalty; because in a commitment, I would give all of that. So it should be a two-way street. I will not be this super chilled out girlfriend when it comes to a relationship.

To-do list before getting married! 

I think every girl has one. I want to take a couple of girl trips before getting married. I haven’t done that yet with my best friends. Each time we plan one before a friend’s wedding, it somehow does not happen. So I’m going to make sure that it happens before I get married at least. All my friends have married now anyway so I’m the only one left.

Will you be a bridezilla when it comes to planning your wedding? 

Oh yes! I’m quite choosey and very particular, sometimes it’s a problem. I’m always putting things in order, making to-do-lists. I’m very meticulous that way. I will look into the smallest of details and will be very involved in planning my wedding. So I guess I will be the bridezilla!

Wedding destination! 

It’s been a dream ever since I made up my mind to get married to have my wedding in Santorini Island, Greece. Either with or without people, just me and him or with the whole family.

Indian wedding wear you, love! 

I love silk sarees. So If I’m going for a south Indian wedding I’ll opt for a silk saree.


With about 2.4 million followers on Instagram, Nikki has people from around the globe who look up to her lifestyle, beauty regimes for her flawless skin, fashion statements, her alluring charm and more. Here’s what goes behind all that.

Fitness Routine                                  

If I’m not shooting, I try and workout at least five days a week. I follow yoga religiously when I’m doing my shoot. I also try and keep a tab on what I eat. Because I’m a big foodie, I need to keep it in check on days I’m not working out.

Beauty Secret?

Trust me, absolutely nothing! I think I’m just really blessed. I don’t do facials, skin therapies, anything. During my modelling days I would use baby products. I drink a lot of water and believe in using natural products.

My skin is hypersensitive. I’m very selective about the products and makeup that I use. I don’t mix my makeup with anybody else’s. I carry my own stuff everywhere I go because of skin sensitivity.


I have two dogs – King Kong and Champion! These two stress balls completely de-stress me after a hectic day at the shoot. If we are shooting in Chennai I take them along.

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