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Decoding workout routines for different body types

Tackling problem areas

You have a flat stomach but more than curvy love handles. The arms are disproportionate to your slim torso. There is this stubborn spot in your body which refuses to respond to dieting. It’s mulish and just won’t let go off you. You have tried all kinds of diets and they don’t work. You can’t really achieve your goal by ignoring a little work out. We spoke to fitness instructor Benjamin Martyn on how to tackle these trouble makers.

Changing the Workout Routines

An important point about exercise is that the body adapts to any kind of work easily.Hence, the exercise which helped you lose a kilo earlier may no longer produce any results. This tends to happen if you use the same exercises all the time. Keep the variation of exercise a constant change.


For many of us, it’s the fat that rests over our buttocks that we certainly don’t find voluptuous. Scientists believe the body sets out a fat map and decides on our shape when we are between the age group 15 and 17. If you were ignorant of it then and are now regretting it, you can tryto overcome this by using exercise techniques like side dips or extensions along with light weight or no weight squats.


Though considered a workout which is meant for those trying to gain muscle, squats in any of the variations tends to tighten the thigh and gluteal areas. Do not use heavy weights.Just light weights with a lot of repetitions will do. As mentioned earlier, try different type of squats, like goblet squat, front squats, Swiss ball squats, box squats, etc. If you have an access to a gym, you may also want to work out on the adductor machine.


A lot of women tend to find their arms bloat over a period of time. This is usually because the muscles are not toned. Toning muscles in the arms can make it firmer and reduce its circumference. The two main arm muscles are the biceps and triceps. These can be toned by using triceps extension, bicep curls, hammer curls, bench dips, etc., Neighbouring muscles on the arms are the deltoids which give the shoulder firmness and the forearm muscles. The deltoids can be toned by doing overhead dumbbell press, front raises, side raises, etc., while the forearm muscle can be toned by using forearm curls.


Most women tend to put on weight specifically on the mid-section. Workout routines which help these problem areas include oblique sit-ups with crunch, side plank hold, medicine ball sit-ups, leg raises, twists and cycle crunches. These exercises will help these problem areas immensely.


To achieve quick results with your weight loss initiative, you will need to follow some a diet. Most people see dieting as negative, because it tends to be associated either with anorexia, or gives the impression that it needs people to skip meals. Neither is true. It is possible to lose weight even if you eat 3 to 8 times a day. The trick is in picking the right kind of foods, which is known as macro-nutrient control, and in timing food as per the body’s daily cycle, to ensure the right kind of foods are available at the right time. For instance, fruits are great for health, but, should ideally never be consumed after 6pm (assuming a sleep time of 10-11pm). Eat a lot of fresh veggies, which will ensure a steady nutrient supply and will also result in weight loss.
If you are a non-vegetarian, judicious use of meats will help with weight loss. Eat meat for the last meal of the day if you can. Portion sizes for some types of foods are also important. You can’t lose much weight within a week if you stick to large amounts of rice/rice based items and wheat or other grain based foods. Some cereals such as oats do fill up better resulting in consumption of less quantity; but not if you have it with a lot of sugar or honey!


A large percentage of women tend to suffer from cellulite. This tends to occur on the legs or butt area. Cellulite creates severely dimpled skin surface, making it appear like there is a lot of fat. Cellulite cannot be totally eradicated so very simply. But, exercise combined with oil massages can help increase the tone of the problem areas.


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