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Swiggy #StatEatstics2018: Masala Dosa Is Most Ordered Breakfast!!

South Indian states ordered the healthiest food!

Swiggy has released its annual statistics through a informational video, revealing what India ate in the year of 2018. Right from what was the most ordered to which part of India ate the healthiest food ordering via the app, the statistics or as they call it, the statEatstics revealed a whole lot about India’s food eating habits.

For starters (yes, we made a pun there!), masala dosa was the most ordered breakfast in 2018. The yummy South Indian staple with a usually mildly spicy potato curry lathered inside, the masala dosa topped the national breakfast charts with over 7 lakh orders. And not just that, Coimbatore topped as the city to order the earliest, going as early as 6 AM.

As for lunch, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh ordered the most thaalis. Delhi and Gurugram ordered the most butter naan and dal makhani. But the one dish that ruled over India as the most popularly ordered dish was Chicken Biryani!

It’s official! Biryani is not just a dish, it’s an emotion, a sentiment that rules over the country and something that is loved by all in every part of the country. Every 3.5 seconds, someone India ordered for biryani using the Swiggy app!

Remember the IPL season? Turns out, ice cream was the most ordered during the grand Indian cricketing gala between Chennai and Hyderabad.

Chinese food was also one of the most ordered cuisine with 18 crore orders! The top sweets ordered during festivals included Kalakand, Mishti doi, laddu and karanji.

Watch the whole video here:

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