Sweet Karam Coffee : A Bittersweet Tale Of Three Women Who Embark On A Journey Of Self Discovery!

Enriched with stellar performances by each actor, the series had its moments but the detours are too many and the journey too long. 

Sweet Karam Coffee is packaged as a family entertainer trying to tell the story of 3 women from the same family who take the trip for their reasons but find a bit of themselves and each other in the bargain. The narrative is simple, women decide to take charge of their situation when they have had enough. Sundari, played by Lakshmi, is the grandmother who is widowed a year ago but lives with her son who takes care of her like she is a toddler. On the other side is Kaveri, played by Madhoo who is her daughter-in-law whose worth is shadowed in the chores of the house and her family. She thinks about everyone else and inadvertently puts her own needs and wants at last. Over the years, she has forgotten what freedom tastes like but is happy providing and taking care of her family. The next generation is represented by Nivi, played by Santhy who is dealing with a career and her love life that are at loggerheads.

It’s funny and also realistic in so many ways, the portrayal of how men feel handicapped when the women of the house leave for a trip or how a wife tells her husband that she hasn’t felt ‘wanted and desired’ for a long time. The show is full of heartfelt moments and takes you through these emotions with a lot of compassion.

But what does not work for this series are the unnecessary storylines that just take a departure from what it’s supposed to be. They try to establish a lot of things amidst these unimportant scenarios but that loses its impact.

The show surprises you with how deep and perceptive it is in one moment, and how light and casual in the next. Sundari is the star of this series, she is the cute mastermind behind their road trip with a hidden agenda. The show often takes you back in time, a flashback gives you a glimpse of their old selves. These scenes help you understand the characters better but not best.

It’s safe to say that many scenes, conversations and moments will stay with you long after the show is over. It’s these interactions between the characters that make you want to continue the 8 episode long series. The three women have been living with each other for years but are still unaware of who they are as individuals. It hits close to home, for most Indian households, that’s the truth of the matter. We live with our grandmothers and mothers but how many of us know them? This series will make you want to delve into their pasts, find out about their aspirations and appreciate them for who they are and everything they do for us.

Overall, the series is a one-time watch! It has its ups and downs, its redemption arcs and its predictable nature. Since there are very few shows on OTT centred around South Indian women, this one seems like an opportunity that wasn’t made the most of. 

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