Suriya’s Jai Bhim in legal trouble again? Details Inside!


Jai Bhim, a socio-political movie in the Tamil sphere, has been continuously lauded for its apt and real portrayal of the injustices and cruelties faced by the marginalized communities of our state. Based on a real-life incident of 1993, Jai Bhim is a Surya starrer that deals with how Rajakannu from the Irular tribe is wrongly accused of theft and dies in police custody, following which his wife Sengeni approaches advocate Chandru to help her in the case to get justice.

The film gained massive appreciation from fans and fellow actors of the community, which made it surpass the IMDb ratings of the Shawshank Redemption and Godfather. There was also a downside to the film as controversies started springing up on a few of its scenes. Owing to the violent responses to the controversies, Actor Suriya Sivakumar was provided with police protection last year, at his residence in Chennai’s T Nagar.

While this films has been caught in between praises and controversies, seems like the team has landed in brand new trouble now. The Chennai Police has allegedly lodged a complaint against the Director T J Gnanavel and Producers Suriya and Jyotika for allegedly stealing the film’s story. According to reports, the complainant is the alleged subject of the movie’s story, and he has filed  a complaint under the Copyright Act.

The complainant has said that the makers have taken his story but have not paid him for it, as promised. Earlier, the movie has landed in trouble for many things, including opposition from the Vanniyar community. The movie also faced heat for having Anti-Hindi sentiments, and for allegedly not even recognising the real life Senggeni.

For the unversed, the controversy that followed was sparked by Dr. Anbumanai Ramadoss, PMK chief, who wrote a letter asking questions about Jai Bhim. He said that in a scene in the film, the symbol of Vanniyars, an Agni Kundam was printed on a calendar in the very policeman’s house, who tortures Rajakannu. The PMK leader also added that the movie had retained the original names for most characters but for the sub-inspector who had beaten Rajakannu to death, it was changed to Gurumoorthy which reminded people of the late PMK leader J Guru.

He alleged that many films insult the Vanniyar community and Jai Bhim is no exception. He called this, not freedom of expression but hatred towards a community. Anbumani said, “Regardless of who is involved, when repression is unleashed on people it is not acceptable and we all will fight together against it.”

At the same time, this movie has also won several accolades already. Earlier in November 2021, the film was officially nominated for the Golden Globes 2022 in the category of ‘Best Non-English Language Film.’ The concluding line of Jai Bhim’s description on the golden Globe Awards Official page read, “Jai Bhim is currently the highest user-rated film on IMDb with a score of 9.6. It surpassed the ratings of The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather.” Another honor for the filmmakers of Jai Bhim is that a scene from the film along with the director, TJ Gnanavel’s narrative, has now made it to the Oscars’ official YouTube channel. Jai Bhim is the first Indian film to get this honor.


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