Suriya Smiles Everytime I Speak In Tamil: Jyothika!

Jyothika is truly committed!

Jyothika has come a long way in career post comeback. She has done many women-centric films also did her first Mani Ratnam movie as well. Looking back things she said, this was during her promotions for ‘Magalir Mattum’ where our love for power-couple Suriya and Jyothika got more.  Here’s what she said then:

As she reminisced about her acting career before marriage, one could not contain but ask the queen of expression about her change in performance. Jo caught the point immediately. She laughed and agreed that she was once very expressive when she entered the industry. “I started out when I was barely 17. I didn’t have a proper understanding of cinema. But eventually, I learned to look at things differently, having said that I now wonder why I did a few films “said she. When asked if her choice of doing commercial, masala films has come down due to marriage, the actress had an honest answer. She said she didn’t want to do a film that would make her kids uncomfortable. She also added how her daughter Diya carefully watches over the choices her mother makes, and how she has turned into an independent girl herself.

Family has been the greatest support to Jo ever since she chose to make a comeback. Both her films after come back were produced by Hubby Suriya’s production house 2D entertainment, and she tells she is ever grateful to him. She also shared her experiences dubbing for the movie, for the first ever time, in Tamil.

“It was easy for me, but tough for Bramma. Suriya still smiles every time I talk in Tamil at home, I expected people at the studio to laugh, but they didn’t”

Both her films post comeback have been along the lines of women independence. At the same time, many see her as dependent to Suriya, when asked about this, the actress said,” I think there is a thin line between being independent and being a feminist. I don’t understand the need for women to be like men. We are far superior to men and I am proud to be a woman.”

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