Stop Body-shaming Young Moms: Sruti Nakkhul Has A Befitting Response To Trolls And Insecurities!

How well put!

Sruti and Nakkhul are one of those couples who have been creating a lot of awareness around pregnancy and parenthood. They have been actively utilising their social media to talk about issues and stigma surrounding pregnancy and motherhood. It is laudable to see public figures use their audience and social media as efficiently as these two. In a recent, Sruti has addressed an important issue. Talking about post-partem weightloss, Sruti has apparently received a lot of comments addressing to her quick weight-loss only three months post pregnancy.

Addressing the issue, Sruti wrote, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle ! Remember that beauty is only skin deep ! 🤗✨🌈  Spare a little time. Read what I’ve written and also , head to @mayas_amma page and see her 10 minute video on why body shamers actually shame you. You could probably even confront them and share the video with them 🙂
Each body , each pregnancy, each child is different. You should never be comparing yourself or your child with another ! Everyone is a work in progress.”




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Sruti and Nakkhul had opted for a water-birthing at home delivery and shared every moment of the miracle to their audience. The adorable couple were blessed with a beautiful baby girl Akira on the 2nd of August this year.

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